About us


    GBT has built up four generations of coffee knowledge and expertise, with trading always playing a large role in our work. Our roots in the coffee business go back to 1873 at Coqueiros Farm, located in Carmo de Minas, Minas Gerais, Brazil . Coqueiros farm has since become a coffee museum and is a part of Brazil´s historical heritage.

    GBT works in partnership and cooperation with green coffee producers, exporters and roasters from all over Brazil. 


  • Mission

    GBT aims to be recognised as the first-choice professionals’ business partner in the green and roasted coffee field. GBT encourages cooperation and unites genuine interests of the whole coffee chain, from the producers to the final consumers worldwide, as well as being responsible for citizens in the areas where we are actively contributing to achieve a sustainable coffee economy.

    Our business activities are geared towards creating long-term relationships, being reliable, transparent and responsible.


    GBT´s vision is to contribute to all parts involved with our services in manners which are reliable, transparent, sustainable, equitable and reasonably profitable to achieve more stable and prosperous societies  worldwide.


    At GBT we have passion for what we do; we enthusiastically conduct our business with our heads and our hearts. GBT constantly seeks to improve proficiency and performance while also setting high standards based on trust, transparency and reliability. We believe in cooperation and fair competition where all parts involved gain from it, we promote solidarity and understand that the exchange of different points of views enrich our business relationships.