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    With a huge working experience in the field of coffee industry, GBT is counted as the leading exporters which have tie-ups with many renowned green coffee producers, exporters, and roasters. GBT is known as one of the best in supplying rio minas coffee. As a leading name in the trade of providing decaf green coffee beans, we take immense pride to share our knowledge.

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  • Our Unique Selling Points

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    We offer an array of services and solutions which includes:

    • Green Coffee Spot Sale
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    • Premium Arabica best green coffee sourcing and a lot more

    A Quality You Can Rely On for best wholesale green coffee beans bulk

    GBT is recognized worldwide for offering top-notch services by using the latest technology in all coffee processes for ensuring the superior level of quality in our product range. At GBT we provide the best in business wholesale green coffee beans bulk and make our client feel satisfied with the quality produces they get.

    Green Bean Coffee in Wholesale

    We constantly strive to encourage the production and supply of green bean coffee wholesale.

    We strictly abide the latest industry norms in our offered services and solutions. Our highly proficient team is skillfully managing the coffee supply management with an efficacy and supplying our clients the best green bean coffee wholesale way.

    The power of best green coffee beans:

    Apart from being the best cup of coffee and letting the person experience a rich and strong taste of coffee after brewing the best green coffee beans, it serves other beneficial purposes as well.

    • These beans are rich in anti-oxidants. These green beans reduce the effects of free radicals in our body and take overall good care of our health. We as a trade doer provides best green bean coffee wholesale. The unprocessed green coffee beans are rich in 100% pure chlorogenic acid which is a great caffeic acid container and has strong anti-oxidants properties.
    • The decaf green coffee beans which we supply are a great way to boost up metabolism. In short it is great way to loose or shed off that excess weight. It works in a way in which it increases the Basal Metabolic Rate of our body to a great extent which minimizes release of glucose in our body. As a result of lack of glucose in our body, our body burns out fat and hence weight loss happens.
    • These green beans contains huge amount of Kelp. It a certain type of seaweed which is packed with loads of essential vitamins and minerals. Hence, it helps in maintaining proper nutrients levels in our body. In collaborative nature it boosts up our body’s metabolism rate so that the burning of unwanted fats and calories are fast paced.
    • If you are one of those who suffer a lot of hunger strokes like every time. Then these decaf green coffee beans are a great way of suppressing appetite and help to reduce frequent hunger pangs.
    • It helps in Diabetes as well. Green beans coffee is capable of treating type 2 diabetes as well. So the kinds of wholesale green coffee beans bulk we provide are rich in such properties.
    • Decaf green coffee beans or the best green coffee beans we supply are a great way in regulating blood circulation as well. We all know blood pressure level irregularity can lead to fatal diseases. We at GBT take pride in providing great and finest quality of coffee beans.
    • Best green coffee beans that we supply to our clients are rich in caffeine and are great as an energy booster. Green coffee beans are a great way to boost the energy level and keep us active all day long.

    These were a few benefits of green coffee beans. We as green bean coffee wholesale supplier feels that the benefits should be known to all.

    Our Client’s Service Experience

    We have a great client satisfaction rate which we have achieved with our unparalleled service. The clients are overwhelmed with the fine quality of green coffee in wholesale.

    We value the time of our clients and keeping that factor into consideration; we make timely delivery of the products.

    So, what are you waiting for? Just avail the best quality green coffee in wholesale for your retail business for the best price!

    For any query related to green bean coffee in wholesale, feel free to contact us.

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    • SANTOS NY 2/3 – SCREEN 14/16  – MTGB
    • SANTOS NY 2/3 – SCREEN  17/18 – GC 
    • SANTOS NY 2/3 – SCREEN  17/18 – GC 
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    Methylene Chloride (MC), or KVW  (Kaffee  Veredelugs Werk), also called the “European Method” of decaf, is a decaffeination process that uses a solvent to decaffeinate coffee. Coffee is soaked in near-boiling water, then washed with methylene chloride (the MC particles bond to  the caffeinated molecules of the coffee), and finally the MC solvent is removed and the beans are a reintroduced back into the liquid to reabsorb the oil/flavor of the beans. This decaffeination process, while using chemicals, has been deemed  safe by the US Food and Drug Administration.




    60 kg (132.28 lbs)


    Minas Gerais, Espirito Santo, São Paulo and Bahia


    40-60 million bags


    Natural Dry (majority), Pulped Natural, Honey, Fully Washed


    Arabica 70%; Robusta (Conillon) 30%


    Acaia, Bourbon, Mundo Novo, Catuaí, Catucaí, Catigua, Topazio, many others


    Primarily May-August