Specialty & Gourmet Green Coffee Importers

  • Specialty coffee is a coffee that is produced taking into account the highest priority. It is graded 80 or above points out of 100 by a licensed coffee grader.

    It is not the work of only one person but the dedication of every person who is involved in the entire coffee chain process and their focus to maintain excellent quality and standards.

    Specialties coffees are produced at right time of the year in the appropriate soil at perfect altitude and picked at just right time. From producers to buyers to roasters to consumers, the commitment and hard work give specialty coffee in the hands of coffee lovers across the world.

    Owing to the remarkable efforts of the professionals, there are several types of specialty coffees available across the world.


  • The quality parameters of these coffees depend on different factors including physical traits, origin, varieties, color, and size.

    Gourmet green coffee beans are one of the specialty coffees that are completely identified by their physical and sensory traits.

    The specialty coffee sector accounts for close to 12% of international coffee markets.

    The current price of some specialty coffees is 30% to 40% above that of conventionally grown coffee, and in some cases, may be over 100% higher.

    Gourmet and certified coffees can be identified by their physical and sensorial traits, such as the cup quality, which must exceed the standard quality.

    Over four generations of coffee expertise and knowledge, Golden Bean Trade (GBT) is one of the leading specialty coffee importers in the roasted and green coffee field.

    The Specialty Coffees We Offer:

    Gourmet coffee

    Gourmet green coffee beans are the highest quality Arabica coffee beans with a light green color and screen size of 16. These coffee beans have earthy smell that make them stand out from other coffees.                             

    Organic coffee

    Organic coffee is grown as per organic agricultural standards. The coffee is cultivated in the soil free from pesticides and rich in natural plant and animal manure. Organic coffee is more pure and valuable and is considered as an aromatic specialty coffee.

    Coffee with certificates of origin

    This coffee comes with a certificate of origin that includes the region in which the coffee was grown. Since there are some attributes that are inherent to specific regions; these coffees are one of the type of specialty coffees.

    Fairtrade coffees

    Fairtrade coffee refers to a coffee that has fair trade certification. Fairtrade certified products all over the world cost consumers a bit more. Farmers who grow fair trade coffee receive a good price, and this benefits their community as well.

    So, what are you waiting for? Come to GBT, the most prominent specialty coffee importer and explore the wide range of specialty coffees available with us.